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1. Clean surface completely using a non-abrasive cleanser. Most cleaners and products containing ammonia are NOT Safe! The best solution recommends using soap and water for this process

2. Dry the surface. Make sure the there is no soap left on it.

3. Spray a fine mist of water on the surface. This will allow you to reposition the graphic some if needed.

4. Remove the opaque white backing from the transfer backing. Make sure that the sticker stays on the transfer backing.

5. Carefully apply the sticker to the desired surface OR place the sticker face up on a flat surface. Position the window above the sticker for placement, then press the window down. Go to Step 6. NOTE: It is best if you apply the top or bottom of the appliqué and squeegee up or down. This has proven the best results.

6. Using a squeegee, or a credit card, remove any air bubbles, working out from the center. Remove as many as possible, any trapped bubbles can be left.

7. Remove the transfer backing from the sticker.

8. If you notice small air bubbles they will be gone after a few days. Do not poke holes to get rid of bubbles. Poking holes is a last resort.

NOTE: When poking holes you may end up with a rough edge around the poked area. The Shattered Web is not responsible for damage to purchased graphics caused by incorrect or poorly executed installations.

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